Innovative Tips to Decorate Your Walls with Wallpics Photo Tiles

Homeowners often end up splurging big money for customizing the space and making it appear personal and unique. From buying expensive furniture, rug, lamps to putting up all types of wall décor items, they go to great lengths to beautify the look of their house. While it is imperative to furnish the house with good-quality and stylish furniture, it is equally important to dress up the walls with items that make space look completely yours. And, fortunately, in today’s time, it is very much possible to style up the walls in the house on a budget without breaking the bank.

The decorative items that can add character to the walls and make them look completely personalized that are Wallpics. The stickable tiles with photos capturing the personal moments of one’s life can give the entire space a makeover. From celebrities to regular homeowners, everyone is going gaga over these photo tiles – see it yourself on

Elegantly designed, easy to use and cost-effective, these photo tiles make ideal wall décor items. Download the app on iTunes or Play Store, pick the best photos, place the order and enjoy your new Wallpics. Though just by sticking these tiles on the walls you can raise the style factor of the house, if you want to try something more creative, innovative and eye-catching, then you can try a few tips.

Here we have curated a list of innovative tips that you can use to adorn the walls with Wallpics and make them look stunning and creative.

  1. Use Creative Formations

The square tiles by Wallpics are perfect for making fun formations on the wall. The 8’’x8’’ tiles perfectly stick on any type of wall and enhance the aesthetic appeal of not just the walls but the entire house. Their presence on the walls makes the interior of the house look custom designed. Whether you have furnished the interior with ultra-modern furniture and decorative items or with antique and vintage-style pieces, Wallpics can complement any type of theme. And, by putting them in innovative formations you can further intensify the style appeal of the walls.

If you have ever browsed the internet, you would have noticed that there a variety of attractive formations that can make the wall look striking and impressive. Some of the popularly used formations are a cloud, heart, vertical and horizontal. All these formations can beautify the walls and make them look like a piece of art. Need some examples for inspiration? Visit our profiles on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Use String Lights

Creative wall lightings can raise the style appeal of the entire space by notches. They add a cozy and warm feel to the walls and make the entire ambience relaxing and calming. The illuminating lights give an iridescent look to the walls, especially when they are teamed with elegantly-designed stickable photo tiles from Wallpics.

The combination of creative lights and Wallpics make for an instant creative DIY decoration that can upgrade the look of the walls. Stick the photo tiles on the wall and surround them with string lights or fix an attractive wall light. This will instantly and effortlessly make your interior design look custom-designed. Use this innovative tip to customize the walls with Wallpics and give it your own unique style.

Reality TV star Kristina Schulman shows her beautiful new picture. Find Kristina on social media: Instagram, Facebook.

Actress Lindsie Chrisley and her amazing photo gallery. Visit Lindsie’s profiles onInstagram, Facebook.

Reality show star Taylor Nolan and her adorable Wallpics with cats. Find Taylor on social media: Instagram, Facebook.

Actress Lauren Manzo also ordered some Wallpics for her home. Visit Lauren’s profiles on Instagram, Facebook.

TV star Kathryn Dennis joined Wallpics community. Find Kathryn on social media:Instagram, Facebook.

  1. Create Artwork

With the various type of wall decorative elements available in the stores, it has become extremely convenient to create attractive artwork on the walls without any expert help. Putting up wall décor artwork along with incredible Wallpics is another tip that can come in handy for stylishly dressing up the walls.

You can stick stickers around the Wallpics or put up big letters randomly to bring the wall to life. Alternatively, you can put different wall décor accessories all over the wall and in the middle stick three or more Wallpics to enrich the appearance of the walls and the entire interior space. For creating an artwork, you can either try a subtle theme or use extravagant accessories to create a striking artwork.

  1. Bold and Vibrant Colors

Take a bold approach and try out vibrant and bright colors for creating a stunning wall décor using Wallpics. There are different ways in which you can create this type of wall décor using Wallpics. You can either cover up the entire wall with a bright-colored wallpaper or color it with a bold wall color if you want to create a separate gallery wall that highlights the best captured moments of your life.

Put up floral stickers on the wall around the Wallpics to give a spring-like look to the walls. Alternatively, you can use bright-colored stickers and letters to add a pop of color to the walls. This type of wall décor will make the entire space look cheerful, lively and appealing.

  1. Classic Black and White

Black and white never goes out of style. This traditional way of styling up the walls has to be one of the best ever. The elegant black and white theme goes well with all types of interior settings. Whether you have metal or wood furniture, black and white on the wall looks eye-catching and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the house.

For this, you will have to upload your best black and white photos that display an important as well as happy times from your past. Put up pictures to memorialize a moment that will never return. And, by opting for black and white pictures, you can display those moments in the most elegant and sophisticated manner.

Now let’s see how the stars use Wallpics to create wonderful décor for their homes:

Personal trainer Mark Jansen shows his amazing new photo-wall. Visit Mark’s profiles onInstagram, Facebook.

Soccer player Alex Cooper also have ordered some Wallpics. Find Alex on social media:Instagram.

Baseball player Alex Lange shows how to amaze his girlfriend with Wallpics. Find Alex on social media: Instagram, Facebook.

Social media star Beatrice Bouchard and her beautiful photo gallery. Visit Beatrice’s social profiles:Instagram, Facebook.

Actress Holland Roden and her amazing photo-wall. Find Holland on social media: Instagram, Facebook.

TV personality Caroline Manzo shows how to create a Wallpics collage on the wall. Instagram, Facebook.


By using these simple tips, you can brighten up the entire space using Wallpics. Not only will you be able to amp up the style factor of the interior design of your house but also make it look customized and personal. Moreover, all these tips are low-budget and you do not need to splurge big money to try them.

Wallpics are the main decorative items and decorating the walls with other incredibly appealing accessories can completely transform the look of your house. By putting up Wallpics and using these tips you will be able to make the most of the bare walls that can either make your house look stylish or incomplete and generic.

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